There are many social media platforms that cooperatives are using to connect with members,  Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp to name a few. However, they require members to own a smartphone and have internet access which is not always the case. Not only that but as facebook is used for socialising with friends and family often blurs the line between personal and cooperative matters.

Lack of privacy

Typical social platforms are generally open to the public because their business model requires maximum exposure for advertising.  In exchange for giving services users give up their privacy in terms of advertising messages many of which might be against the values of their organisation.There is a price to pay, now Facebook knows useful information which they sell to advertisers who then target you with ads.

Facebook collects a lot of data about you — everything from your email address to the strength of your phone’s battery.
sell access to you, or more specifically, access to your News Feed, and uses that data to show you specific ads it thinks you’re likely to enjoy or click on. Source: VOX

Lack structure

Facebook is a great place to dump your data but there is no structure to the way the content is displayed to members.

Lack analytics and KPI monitoring tools

There is no user friendly tool which is available to help you measure how well your cooperative is performing against your KPIs.

What should I use instead of facebook?

We have done our research on management software tool and have found that there are many options out there but none that is specifically built for cooperatives.

Anycoop represents a quantum leap in providing cooperatives with the kind of management power they need to effectively engage with their members.  With the proper use of this tool, cooperative will save countless hours and increase engagement with members.

Anycoop is an application designed for cooperatives, but has more features than Facebook.  It has a simple interface and more importantly it's multi-channel, meaning it is available on web, mobile app and SMS.

Anycoop is a service dedicated to connecting Cooperatives, members and other stakeholders using a common platform.  Anycoop is an inclusive service whereby users access the service using various means (web, via SMS or using smartphone IOS/Android mobile applications).  An inclusive service that reaches everybody, anywhere no matter the level of ICT proficiency.