Questionnaires are a great way for Cooperatives to get feedback from members, find trends and ways to improve. Surveys can also be used as a way to cast votes for new management team as they can only be taken once.

(1) Can only be taken once 
(2) All the data can be exported for analysis
(3) Results provided in real time  

Create the scope of your questionnaire

  1. As an admin click on 'Manage content' and select 'Questionnaire'
  2. Enter your questionnaire title and description
  3. Select from the drop down list the text 'cast your vote'
  4. Enter the number of questions in your training. The maximum number of questions in a given training program is set at 10.
  5. Select whether you want to show the participant their results or a summary of all the results so far. Click submit which will take you to the final screen

Creating the vote questions

caption: building the voting questionnaire

How participants will view and cast their votes

To see a watch a video you can click here:

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