Training tests are an effective way for Cooperatives to assess what participants have learned from the training and areas for improvements. Training tests can be created for both members and staff members to participate. We recommend that the training should start with a video that can be played, followed by a set of questions.

Points are a great way to distinguish between easy and difficult questions. It is also a fun way for participants to see how well they are doing. You decide how many points are allocated for each question. The default will be 1 point if you do not allocate any points to a question.

(1) Questions should be on one line and the answers 
    indicated in square brackets[] 
(2) If the answer is single or multiple choice then put the 
    answer on separate lines with asterisk indicating the correct answer 
(3) To add points to the questions you put the number followed by pts. 
    If you don't put any points i.e. 10pts then the default is 1. 

Create the scope of your training program

  1. As an admin click on 'Manage content' and select 'Training'
  2. Enter your Training Program title and description
  3. Select from the drop down list the text which will appear as a button to members. This  will be displayed to your members when starting the training test.
  4. Enter the number of questions in your training. The maximum number of questions in a given training program is set at 10.
  5. Select whether you want to show the participant their results or a summary of all the results so far. Click submit which will take you to the final screen

How to create different types of questions

Your questionnaire can have different types of questions

(1) Text answer

Mark the answer using square brackets []

(2) Single choice selection

The question needs to be on its own line and the choice of answers on separate lines. Mark the correct answer with an asterisk *

(3) Multi select answer

When you have a multi select (where there is more than 1 correct answer) put an asterisk next to the correct answers

caption: how the participant will see the question

(4) Range

When you want a nice presentation for your users to input number and want to limit the number range they can select from. To make the range slider you need to put in a brackets the min= (enter the number) max =(enter the number) step=(enter the number). Note step is the increment used for the

caption: this is the range which will be displayed to participants

(5) Number answer

When you want the answer to be number you should put the answer on a separate line and put the number answer in square brackets []

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