Anycoop is the only platform that can run over web, mobile and and 2-way SMS alike.  On SMS Anycoop is menu and form driven.  It works identical to the mobile and web apps.  The only difference is that instead of images and videos you get the links, since SMS only supports text.

SMS connectivity is available only to the paid plans.  If you want to see how SMS operators you can go to where we have an SMS simulator.  From here you can type #anycoop and see how anycoop would look like on SMS.

2 Way SMS

Logically and important to note, the SMS service will only work on 2-way SMS. The 2-way messaging must be to the mobile number of the user.  This is a requirement for authentication on our platform.

Where to get an SMS connection

In most countries SMS is available either directly from mobile operators or through SMS aggregators.  As of the date on this article, some mobile operators like AT&T provide free access based on a limited number of messages.  There are a number of global aggregators who can provide 2-way SMS. You can find a list here at

Many countries have restrictions that don't allow 2-way SMS and therefore Anycoop will not work.  Check with your local operator to ensure that you can have 2-way SMS.  

Connections we support

We support SMPP and HTTPS connectivity.  Once you have a valid account you will need to provide us with the credentials of your SMS connection.  We will ensure that the connection will support communications between your registered users.

Contact us

Contact us at to discuss or arrange for an SMS connection.