The word lazy unfortunately has been tainted with negative connotations.  We use words like work smarter, but in reality it's all about that built in lazy factor.  Everything ever invented is designed to appeal to that lazy factor.  If it makes us do less work or put out less effort then it's good.

“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” Bill Gates

The most successful companies are benefiting from the lazy factor.  Google replaces having to go to a library to research something, Netflix replaces going to the cinema and Uber calling or finding a cab. McDonalds and every other fast food chain does the same by eliminating the need to cook and wash dishes.

The classic lazy gadget is the remote control.  No need to even get up and walk up to the TV to change the channel.  I don't think anybody really thinks of all of the things that appeal to our lazy factor.

We started thinking about what makes a service appealing and what makes a business successful.  After a lot of thought we realized that if you can do most of the work for somebody and they get all of the benefits, then your service or business should stand a greater chance to do well and prosper.

If you are a business, look at what you can do to satisfy the lazy factor.  There are physical and process oriented elements to any business.  A coffee shop has a limited number of menu items to make it easier and faster to choose.  They give you wifi so you can cruise the net.  Google figures out what you are typing and gives suggestions to you don't have to type if you like what they suggest.

Companies that benefit from the lazy factor

Take a look at your business and identify how you can appeal to the lazy factor.   Here are some pet peeves people have.

  • They don't want to wait and if they do they want it to be comfortable and productive
  • They don't want to worry about unkowns so they prefer to get information quickly and accurately
  • They don't like wasting time on trivial matters like filling in forms so you should do that for them later

In the coffeeshop example all of the condiments are out where people can get them without asking.  The menu boards are in plain site so they can easily find out what is available without asking.  There are places to sit, sometimes newspapers are available and Wifi too so they can do something productive.

Create the foundation for the lazy factor

Any business can go a bit further to save their customer more time and appeal to a number of lazy factors.

People are social, so they can relate to community values if you create them.  This appeals to their need to socialize but not have to go through all of the hassle in developing relationships.  They don't want to be embarrassed  due to unknown social factors, so you remove the potential for embarrassment.

Customers want to feel in control and that for their money you care about them enough to make them feel important.  They need to know that if they have a problem then somebody in the company will take care of it without making them feel inadequate.

Here are the steps involved:

  1. Create a community using Anycoop
  2. Create relative content that imparts value to them as a customer from what you provide as a business
  3. Invite your customers giving them a really good reason why they are important enough to be part of the community
  4. Give them a voice where they feel they have a say in the business
  5. Listen carefully and make visible changes letting the community know it is a result of their feedback
  6. Reward participation generously and encourage contributions

Here is how the lazy factor works

Everything that your customer needs is in one place.  They don't need to go to many different services to get what they need from your business.

Here is what they can get from you in one place:

  • Meaningful and time saving multimedia information, with customer likes and commenting that you can monitor for planning and improvements
  • A way to get rewards to your customers by posting special deals
  • Events like webinars or social get togethers to engage and reward
  • Community forum for posting ideas and sharing to learn from and act
  • Feedback & surveys to gain insights - customer has a voice in the business
  • Messaging - threaded messages for accurate and traceable conversations
  • FAQs where customers can know the important things quickly

Choice of channel

Your community service is available on mobile app, web widget and even on SMS. So the customer has a choice on which ever channel they have access to in order to reach your business.  If they don't have the internet, they can use SMS and get the same functionality.

Customer loyalty

By involving your customer in your business you build loyalty.  Customer are only loyal if they feel you are loyal to them.  If you don't build a relationship loyalty unlikely.  Loyalty based on brand is a long journey that takes a company many years and massive investments to create.  This is simply out of reach for most businesses.

When you reward customers through gifts or recognition the customer feels compelled to reciprocate by keeping their business with you.  If you don't differentiate yourself from your competitors in the eyes of your customer, then you become a choice rather than a destination.

Sacrificial social networks

By using networks like facebook and twitter you are inadvertently sharing your customer with your competitors who target your customers with their advertisements.  Furthermore you don't benefit from the data that is generated on those platforms, rather the platform owner uses your data to market your customers to others.

Having your own closed community filled with a growing number of customers that you build in, nurture and take care of will secure your businesses' future.

Content and activities are king

Without meaningful content and activities you won't be able to build and keep your community together.  There are many competing forces for the attention of your customer.  If you invest your efforts to build your community content and create activities that are interesting you will be rewarded with better business.

The most difficult part of any venture is starting.  Once you start, you will learn through a number of lazy factors how to quickly create content that will drive your business goals forward.

Anycoop is free for communities of 20 members and less.  Therefore, there is no cost to start and when you grow the benefits you earn will pay for an expanded community by itself.

Start your community today.  We are also giving up to 10 hours of free coaching to master creating content and helping you look at your business with ideas on how to grow your community. Go to