Get ANYCOOP free for up to 20 users and create a customer community in 2 minutes.

Anycoop is a tool designed primarily for cooperative communities, yet it has everything any business would want to manage their community of customers.

Anycoop is the only community platform that run on web, mobile app and SMS. Yes interactively on SMS, not just notifications but fully functional.

Anycoop has a web widget that can be pasted onto your website.  This has the effect of transforming a basic website into a powerful dynamic data gathering tool.

Facebook and Twitter are not good tools for keeping your customers close and focused on your business alone.  These tools are great for other advertisers that would love to have your business though.  Politicians also want to chime in on your customer.  So it's confusing and distracting.

Presuming you have a number of loyal customers, wouldn't it be better to insulate them to be yours and yours only?  Wouldn't it be great to captivate and hold them exclusively to your news, your events, your products and let them engage with your business by giving them a tool that delivers connectivity in a way you have never had before?

You can grow your business by adding new members, creating incentives that keep them coming back.

Anycoop is a tool designed for cooperatives i.e. communities with members.  This is what businesses really need.  They need a sense of community.  They need their customers to feel included and part of your operations, not just a means for profit.

Anycoop lets you build such a community, publish your own news, create surveys, application forms, quizzes, hold events where your customers can book, participate on forums on your products and services.  There is even a tool for buying and selling that you can let your community use.  Maybe there are ways your community can share together.

You can easily link your existing multimedia to your Anycoop service thus providing a consistency over all of your digital assets.

Members are anonymous to each other, but known to you as the business.  They can easily message your business and there is an email like threading for the messages.  This is unlike instant messaging platforms where messages are all over the place.  Anycoop provides you with a very powerful messaging platform where you can broadcast to groups or everybody and attach a response form.

It's easy to create a community in just 2 minutes.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in to Anycoop using gmail
  3. Click "Creat your own community"
  4. Create your nickname, community name and details
  5. Send out invitations
  6. Populate your service with content

If you are a corporate user and want an SMS connection and web widget for your own website please contact us at