-OR- Why discovery is so important for co-operatives? -OR- Tedious discovery - a co-operative problem? -OR- Discovering a co-operative shouldn't be tedious and boring. -OR- Discovery is more than just finding a co-operative


Summary: Introduce the problem of discovery (tedious and time consuming), ask the question 'Why do co-operative need to be discovered' and offer a solution, the all in one service that makes discovery much more powerful.


Problem: The discovery process is tedious and time consuming which translates into lost opportunities. - OR- Everybody knows how frustrating and time consuming searching for something on the internet can be. -OR- How much time have you wasted search for something on the internet?  -OR- Finding a co-operative on the internet is like finding a needle in the haystack unless you know the name of what you are looking for.

Q: Why do co-operatives need to be discovered? -OR- Why should co-operatives care about being discovered? -OR- Is being discovered important, and if so why?

A: Discovery creates opportunities (growth) to increase membership, share and exchange information (democracy) and reach new customers (prosperity) . -OR- The world as we know it today exists because of discovery. We discover because we need to grow and be better? -OR- Discovery is all about learning and growing through collaboration.  Without discovery there is no democracy. -OR-

Short solution: An all-in-one discovery service for co-operatives that goes beyond search by offering interactive engagement, trade opportunities and co-operative member services. -OR- Remove the drudgery of finding a co-operative and make it a joyful and fulfilling experience. We'll cover briefly the basics about what discovery is now and what it can become. -OR- Make discovery a smooth and rewarding process and see how much collaboration will bring greater prosperity to all co-operatives.


Summary: Provide example problems of discovery, ask the question why only a small % of 2.6 million coops are on the internet radar, answer the question by stating the need an incentive and give the example incentive.

Example of problem: Finding a cooperative on a search engine like google is time consuming and frustrating. There are 1 billion web pages and only 6% of these ever make it to the first page unless you use the exact name.  -OR- If you can't find it in 60 seconds, it doesn't exist.  That is the biggest stumbling block that co-operatives are up against when it comes to discovery.  They have poor visibility on the internet. -OR- What reason do people, co-operatives or their members have to discover each other?  Maybe that is why there isn't an easy way to find and engage with a co-operative, because its not on the agenda.  Typical chicken and egg.  If it were easier and more rewarding there could be a good reason.

Facebook has 60 million pages and like google you should know the name or you won't find what you are looking for. -OR- Needle in the haystack, Google's 1 billion web page index or Facebook's 60 million pages.  Or in the case of find.coop only 19,188 of the 2.6 million co-operatives listed.

Find.coop is a data commons coop directory of 19,188 co-operatives that is easy to search and provides basic information about the co-operative with email and web links.  -OR- Discovery is not just about finding a co-operative, it's about what you do when you get there.  What can you learn? How easy is it to engage or can you even collaborate?

Example Q: There are 2.6 million co-operatives in the world so why don't more show up on the internet radar? -OR- How many of the 2.6 million co-operatives would collaborate with each other if they had a compelling enough reason?

Example A: There needs to be an incentive to want to need to participate in the discovery collaboration process. -OR- Many co-operatives would be overwhelming open to collaboration if they knew it would not be a difficult process and there were clear enough benefits.

Solution example: If these co-operatives had one place to discover, be discovered, engage, trade and provide for the needs of their members then you would see more co-operatives getting involved collaboratively. -OR- Provide a modern and consistent way to present a co-operative's story, faq, engaging services like forums, questionnaire, and share community approved resources.  Make the service available to all co-operatives alike even without an internet presence. Let it accessible to all co-operatives on any kind of device with or without the internet. Then co-operatives can and will collaborate on a scale never before seen as a global community.


Summary: Show how to resolve the problem, ask a rhetorical question why hasn't the been done yet, answer with missing inclusive technology, and give final solution as an Anycoop style service.

Summarize Problem: By making discovery a fulfilling and rewarding experience co-operative participation and collaboration will flourish. -OR-

Rhetorical QA: Why do co-operatives need to offer a better journey for discovery and be discovered

Final solution: Anycoop has created an all-in-one discovery service that lets co-operatives that go beyond search.  Co-operatives will also be able to benefit from interactive engagement, explore new trade opportunities and offer greater members satisfaction through engaging services.